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Lon S. Schneider on Biogen/Eisai Halt Phase 3 Aducanumab Trials

COMMENT The outcomes of the aducanumab and crenezumab Phase 3 trials are disappointing but are as expected. Neither of the antibodies showed clinical efficacy evidence in their earlier phase trials. The previous, and regularly repeated, claims of efficacy from ...

Unequal: Some Tau Haplotypes Carry More Risk Than Others

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-03-22 Research News Scientists have known for years that the common H1 haplotype of the tau gene MAPT somehow raises a person’s risk of the rare neurodegenerative disorder progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). It does so by more than fivefold, similar to what ...

Cecily Jenkins

University of Southern California
San Diego, United States

Stephen Salloway on Biogen/Eisai Halt Phase 3 Aducanumab Trials

COMMENT It was very disappointing to learn that Biogen plans to close the ENGAGE trial because of lack of efficacy on the interim analysis. We had been eagerly looking forward to the results next year and this came out of the blue. This antibody did not work for ...

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