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Does LRRK2 Sweep α-Synuclein from the Cell?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-09-18 Research News Mutations in the LRRK2 gene spike the risk of Parkinson’s disease, but researchers still do not understand how. Two recent studies strengthen the idea that LRRK2 modulates the endolysosomal disposal system of the cell. In the September 12 ...

Quyen Hoang on Does LRRK2 Sweep α-Synuclein from the Cell?

COMMENT Both Bae et al. and Eguchi et al. show LRRK2 functioning in the endocytic recycling pathway, which is consistent with an earlier study by Mark Cookson’s group showing that LRRK2 interacts with Rab7L1—a protein involved in endosomal recycling (Beilina et ...

Sabine Hilfiker on Does LRRK2 Sweep α-Synuclein from the Cell?

COMMENT Two recent studies report on the role of LRRK2 in altering endolysosomal structure/function and lysosomal secretion, albeit coming to different conclusions. Eguchi et al. used various tissue culture cell lines treated with chloroquine, a lysosomotropic ...

Postdoctoral Research Position in Alzheimer’s disease

JOB 2018-09-18 Employer Biodesign Neurodegenerative Disease Research Center, Arizona State Principal Investigator Salvatore Oddo Contact To apply, please submit to as a single pdf document the following materials: Cover letter specifying relevant ...

2019 Michelson Prizes 

GRANT Tuesday, September 18, 2018- 10:00 Human Vaccines Project $150,000 for transformative ideas to advance vaccine and immunotherapy discovery Pre-application Due Date: October 29, 2018 5 p.m. 2019 Michelson Prizes  ...

Postdoctoral Positions

JOB 2018-09-18 Employer Columbia University Contact Applications should include curriculum vitae and the names and contact information for three references. Description Several postdoctoral positions are available in the group of Dr. Ulrich Hengst in the Taub Institute ...

Aging and Dementia Fellowship

JOB 2018-09-18 Employer Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital Contact; 401-4445745 Description The Aging and Dementia Fellowship provides an integrated training program for postgraduate trainees in neurology, psychiatry, geriatric medicine, and ...

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