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line G9, H163R mutant PS-1 YAC, B6-G9, PS1-YAC B6.129S4-Tg(PSEN1H163R)G9Btla/J Origin: 129S4/SvJae, backcrossed to C57BL/6 PSEN1 PSEN1 H163R A 1000 kb YAC transgene (788H12) containing the entire human PSEN1 gene with the H163R mutation. Transgene also has ~550 kb of upstream and 350 kb of downstream flanking sequences. PSEN1: Transgenic Alzheimer's Disease Elevated Aβ42 in the brain and plasma. Higher levels and earlier Aβ deposition when crossed with APP YAC line R1.40. Unknown. Alternatively spliced human PSEN1 transcripts. The Jackson Lab: Stock# 006469; Cryopreserved Lamb et al., 1999 No

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