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Synonyms: Prp-huPS2(N141I), PS2-N141I (line 30), hPS2mut

Species: Mouse
Genes: PSEN2
Mutations: PSEN2 N141I (Volga German)
Modification: PSEN2: Transgenic
Disease Relevance: Alzheimer's Disease
Strain Name: Tg(Prnp-PSEN2*N141I)30Jgr
Genetic Background: Originally generated in a B6.D2 background, then crossed into C57BL/6J.
Availability: Available through Laurence Ozmen

Modification Details

Human PSEN2 gene with the N141I mutation driven by the mouse prion protein promoter.





Other Phenotypes

Ubiquitous expression of mutant transgene. Brain homogenate from 2 week-old mice had presenilin levels about 2-fold higher than wild-type mice. Disrupted Ca2+ homeostasis, similar to that of double transgenic PS2APP mice, including a reduction in endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ content in cultured neurons and a generally decreased response to metabotropic agonists (Kipanyula et al., 2012).


Originally generated in a B6.D2 background, these mice were crossed into the C57BL/6J background. These mice were used to generate double transgenic mice known as PS2APP. Specifically, PS2(N141I) females from line 30 were bred to males of line 71 which express mutant APP (APPswe) (Richards et al., 2003).


Frozen embryos available through Laurence Ozmen.


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Research Models Citations

  1. PS2APP (PS2(N141I) x APPswe)
  2. APPSwe

Paper Citations

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Other Citations

  1. Laurence Ozmen.

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