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Synonyms: PSEN1(M146L), PS1 (M146L) line 5.1


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Species: Mouse
Genes: PSEN1
Mutations: PSEN1 M146L (A>C)
Modification: PSEN1: Transgenic
Disease Relevance: Alzheimer's Disease
Strain Name: N/A
Genetic Background: B6/D2/Swe/SJL mixed background
Availability: Available through the Technology Transfer Office, Patents & Licensing, University of South Florida. The CRO PsychoGenics offers research services with this line.


The first report of this transgenic line described two lines of mice that overexpress human PSEN1 with the M146L mutation, line 5.1 and line 6.2 (Duff et al., 1996). Line 5.1 has been more extensively characterized, especially in relation to the double transgenic PS/APP (Holcomb et al., 1998). In the original report, it was found that animals that overexpress mutant, but not wild-type, PSEN1, show a selective increase in brain Aβ42(43) (Duff et al., 1996).


No abnormal pathology up to 2.5 years. Elevated Aβ42(43); no effect on Aβ40 (Duff et al., 1996). Altered mitochondrial activity (Begley et al., 1999). Disregulation of calcium homeostasis (Begley et al., 1999; Barrow et al., 2000).


No difference from non-transgenic control mice in the "Y" maze (alternation performance or activity) at 12-14 weeks (Holcomb et al., 1998).

Other Phenotypes

Elevated PSEN1 expression (2-3 fold). Medium and late after hyperpolarizations in CA3 pyramidal cells we larger compared with nontransgenic controls. Larger calcium responses to depolarization. Stronger synaptic potentiation of the CA3 to CA1 projection (Barrow et al., 2000).

Modification Details

Transgene containing human PSEN1 with the M146L mutation driven by the rat PDGF-β promoter.


For updated availability information contact the Univeristy of South Florida, Technology Transfer Office. The contract research organization PsychoGenics offers research services with the single and double transgenic lines.

Last Updated: 16 Nov 2013


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