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APP Knock-out

Synonyms: APP null, APP KO


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Species: Mouse
Genes: APP
Modification: APP: Knock-Out
Disease Relevance: Alzheimer's Disease
Strain Name: B6.129S7-Apptm1Dbo/J
Genetic Background: C57BL/6J
Availability: The Jackson Lab: Stock# 004133; Live


The endogenous APP gene was disrupted in these animals by homologous recombination. At birth, mice homozygous for the targeted allele are viable and do not display any gross physical or behavioral abnormalities. No APP gene product (mRNA or protein) is detected. The body weight of both male and female homozygous animals is 15-20 percent less at all ages compared with that of wild-type, age-matched, mice. By 14 weeks, the mice exhibit elevated reactive gliosis in the hippocampus and neocortex compared to levels observed in wild-type animals. Neurological evaluation showed reduced forelimb grip strength and decreased locomotor activity (Zheng et al., 1995).

Modification Details

Inactivation of the mouse APP gene by replacing a 3.8 kb sequence encoding the promoter and exon 1 with a neomycin resistance cassette.

Last Updated: 26 Aug 2013


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External Citations

  1. The Jackson Lab: Stock# 004133

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