Acid Phosphatase Histochemistry for Mouse Brain


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PI: Ralph Nixon
Affiliation: New York University School of Medicine and the Nathan Kline Institute
Submitted by: Ralph Nixon
Posted Date: 19 Jun 2009

Brief Description

Autophagic-lysosomal compartments contain numerous acid hydrolases. Analysis using enzyme histochemistry for acid phosphatase at the ultrastructural level can provide information about the trafficking and distribution of acid hydrolases in neuronal processes and perikarya and within specific subcellular compartments. We usually use a lead capture technique with cytidine 5’-monophosphate (CMP) as the substrate.


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  2. . Monitoring autophagy in Alzheimer's disease and related neurodegenerative diseases. Methods Enzymol. 2009;453:111-44. PubMed.


mouse, histology, acid hydrolases, EM

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