. Signal transduction through prion protein. Science. 2000 Sep 15;289(5486):1925-8. PubMed.


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  1. Coupling of cellular prion proteins to Fyn is a real surprise, but
    maybe it shouldn't be. Fyn keeps popping up. Shirazi and Wood showed that tangle-bearing
    neurons in AD have a hefty overload of Fyn. Gloria Lee showed Fyn and tau co-localize.
    Gail Johnson's group showed that Fyn stimulates AD-like tau phosphorylation
    via GSK 3β. Kandel and Grant tied Fyn to LTP, and we found that Fyn knockout
    stops ADDL from killing neurons. That two neurodegenerative diseases both are
    linked in some way to Fyn reminds me of Wilson's concept of " consilience," coming
    to the same truth from very different pathways. I can imagine the gods of science
    saying, "Well, here's another clue for you… Now can you figure it out?"

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