. Serial two-photon tomography for automated ex vivo mouse brain imaging. Nat Methods. 2012 Mar;9(3):255-8. PubMed.


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  1. In any 3D reconstruction method compiled from images captured from mounted sections, correction for differential positioning of each tissue section and non-homogeneous dehydration of various brain regions are the prime concerns. I think the biggest advantage of the TissueVision system is that it completely eliminates the need for mounting and dehydration of the tissue sections after cutting. Although I am a bit concerned that mechanical sectioning of brains with vibratome may deform and reposition the tissue samples, it appears that the authors are confident that covalent crosslinking with agarose, in which the brain is embedded, would solve this potential problem. In summary, the system is another big step toward partially replacing conventional histological methods in high-throughput analysis of the entire brain of rodent models of different diseases.

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