. Long noncoding RNA NEAT1 mediates neuronal histone methylation and age-related memory impairment. Sci Signal. 2019 Jul 2;12(588) PubMed.


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  1. Histone-methylation plays a key role in memory formation, and to understand its regulation is very important. Noncoding RNAs are a fascinating new area in the life sciences. We know of many noncoding RNAs, and also of RNAs that are specific to the CNS. The current study attempts to link these two concepts and shows that the long noncoding RNA NEAT1 has an impact on H3K9 methylation. Furthermore, although many noncoding RNAs have been found, their function is poorly understood. NEAT1 is an exception since it has been linked to several biological processes and to brain function. The study is very novel, however, because it shows that manipulating NEAT1 levels in the hippocampus (a brain region important for memory formation) affects learning behavior in mice.

    The idea that NEAT1 affects memory by the regulation of histone-methylation is intriguing. It is in line with the literature that suggests regulation of gene-expression via interaction with chromatin regulators is one mechanism by which noncoding RNA affects cellular homeostasis.

    Modulation of histone modifications has emerged as a promising therapeutic approach in many neurodegenerative diseases, and is also currently being tested in clinical trials. Here, pharmacological approaches are used. The data offer new RNA-based approaches to target histone-modifications. Future research should show how NEAT1 affects H3K9 methylation.

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