. The emerging neurobiology of cholesterol. Neurobiology of Lipids. 2002 July 10;1(1):1-4.


Full text is available from the journal site: http://neurobiologyoflipids.org/content/1/1

Although cholesterol gets a bad press as a cause of vascular disease, it is, of course, an essential component of all mammalian cells. In neurobiology, three quite different roles of cholesterol can be discerned: as a structural component of the plasma membranes of neurones and glia; as the precursor for a cascade of steroidal hormones and mediators affecting both genomic and non-genomic processes in neurones; and as a direct modulator of the functions of certain plasma membrane proteins.

Key Words: Alzheimer; Alzheimer's disease; amyloid beta precursor; cytoskeleton; Down syndrome; etiology; lipids; learning; memory; lipoprotein; receptor; LTP; neurodegeneration marker; oxidative stress; PHF NFT tau phosphorylation; phospholipids; secretase; synaptic plasticity; SREBP; therapy


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