. Brain to plasma amyloid-beta efflux: a measure of brain amyloid burden in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Science. 2002 Mar 22;295(5563):2264-7. PubMed.


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  1. These data provide further support for the peripheral sink hypothesis, and suggest that the blood-brain-barrier may be a fine sieve for brain Ab that is substantially limited by plasma Aβ concentrations. If these findings can be meaningfully replicated among other rodent models of Alzheimer's type, this may provide insight to the feasibility of this diagnostic measure in heterogeneous populations. However, in light of recent events surrounding the suspended trial of Elan's AN-1792 it is self-evident that we must use extreme caution in extrapolating experimental findings to the clinical setting.

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  2. It has previously been postulated that there is efflux of Aβ from the CNS to the periphery. This paper elegantly shows that this is the case, and in the process suggests a possible plasma test for assessing the CNS amyloid burden in Alzheimer patients.

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