. Adeno-associated virus effectively mediates conditional gene modification in the brain. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002 Feb 19;99(4):2320-5. PubMed.


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  1. I think this is a good paper, and it adds to our transgenic toolbelt. It may, for example, allow us to turn pathology and off, to see if lesions such as plaques can be resolved once the source (e.g., elevated Aβ from an AβPP or PS1 transgene) is removed. Inducible transgenics have great advantages over constitutive ones, although there are also problems associated with the use of viral vectors. To be useful, though, it is important that new transgenic models in general be made with 'floxed' transgenes so that cre-directed control of transgene expression can be applied without having to make new mice.

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