For those of our readers who like to kick back with a well-written lay article on a topic relevant to their field of study, the April 18 Sunday Times Magazine has just such a treat to offer. This special issue on the Science of Living a Healthy Life features Alzforum Scientific Advisor Roberta Diaz Brinton of the University of Southern California in an article titled “The Estrogen Dilemma.” Author Cynthia Gorney personalizes her careful account of the tortuous history of estrogen replacement therapy research with the stories of her own and other women’s struggle to stay sharp and even-keeled during menopause. The article has inspired a rash of blog posts.—Gabrielle Strobel.


  1. Dear colleagues,

    I recommend the New York Times article by Cynthia Gorney as an excellent story relevant to woman's health, aging and the challenge of communicating science and its complexity to the public. The blog comments provide a window into the complexity of perimenopausal and postmenopausal symptoms, some of which have direct relevance for the risk of developing Alzheimer's. There are clear phenotypic patterns that emerge which are relevant for basic science discovery efforts and clinical trial design.

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