At times the scene around this poster (240.11) was more like a football scrimmage or a rugby scrum than the normally genteel atmosphere associated with a scientific event. By the time I made my way to within sight of the poster, the presenter, Ishrut Hussain was nowhere to be seen, presumably too exhausted to face further cross-examination! Although the data were somewhat scant it was obvious that what SB call endocrepsin 2 is what Martin Citron and colleagues at Amgen call BACE. The sequence as far as I could tell was identical to that of BACE, and differed in only one respect, the open reading frame appeared to encode a protein of 500 AA and not 501 as reported by Amgen. The molecular weight of the deglycosylated protein was ~55.4 kDa and it appeared to localize to the ER and Golgi when transfected into Cos 7 cells and as expected caused an increase in beta-secretase processing.—Dominic Walsh


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