Yamin (122.9) presented evidence that the zinc metalloproteinase EC (E24.15) plays a role in neuronal mediated degradation of Aβ. In fact transfection of neuroblastoma cells with antisense E24.15 allows the accumulation of Aβ, whereas overexpression of E24.15 causes a dramatic reduction in Aβ levels. α-1-antichymotrypsin (ACT), a plaque-associated protein and member of the serpin protease inhibitor family causes a significant reduction in Aβ degrading activity. ACT may operate either directly as a protease inhibitor or by binding to Aβ and protecting it from proteolysis. Complexes of ACT and E24.15 were found in conditioned media from neuroblastoma cells treated with ACT confirming that it can bind and inhibit E24.15.—Dominic Walsh


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