Human Amyloid Imaging 2016

Miami, Florida

13 – 15 January 2016


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Off-target troubles aside, tau tracers took the cake at the 10th Human Amyloid Imaging conference, held January 13-15 in Miami Beach, Florida. Even as researchers continue to sort out the vagaries of working with investigational tracers, they have started delving into deeper questions than whether neurofibrillary tangles are merely present in the brain. Scientists are asking how patterns of tau deposition relate to Aβ, neurodegeneration, and connectivity in Alzheimer’s disease. Preliminary cross-sectional data hint at a considerable lag between Aβ and tau accumulation in familial AD. New ligands debuted at HAI this year, but whether they will better detect tau deposits than the current batch remains to be seen. Leaders in the field still don’t know how well tau PET will work in other forms of dementia, such as FTD, PSP, and CBD.