Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease (CTAD) 2020 (Virtual Meeting)

Boston, Massachusetts

04 – 07 November 2020


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In the age of COVID-19, this year’s CTAD was a virtual one. As an FDA advisory committee picked apart aducanumab’s case for approval elsewhere, presentations at CTAD hoisted another therapeutic—BAN2401—into the spotlight. The protofibril-trained antibody continued to beat back amyloid in extension studies, and forged ahead into Phase 3. Also at CTAD, scientists took stock of clinical studies affected by the pandemic, and presented rigorous validations of smartphone-based cognitive tests. As the pandemic rages on, the field is trying to adapt and move forward in evaluating new treatments for AD.

TRC-PAD Funnel Finally Touches Down

After years of building an online registry, designing selection algorithms, and getting sites up and running, COVID-19 nearly derailed this trial-ready cohort once again. Now, the first participants have reached the final queue.