Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease 2019

San Diego, California

04 – 07 December 2019


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Following up on its October surprise, Biogen showed more data at the Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease conference, arguing that disparities in drug exposure explained the puzzlingly different outcomes in its one positive and one negative aborted Phase 3 trials. Audience members were put off by the messiness of the data set and not fully convinced by the analysis, but the majority said they believed the general signal that the antibody may slow disease progression. The prevailing mood was one of hopefulness, with most agreeing the results validate the amyloid hypothesis and suggest that effective treatments for AD are within reach.

Blood Tests of Phospho-Tau, Aβ42, Track With Brain Amyloid

Using mass spectrometry to detect teensy amounts of phospho-tau species in plasma, researchers reported that p-tau-217 and p-tau-181 picked out people with Aβ pathology. Differences between groups appear to be huge. An MS-based test for plasma Aβ42 corresponded to brain amyloid, and is going in for regulatory approval.