Where Now for Alzheimer's Research? Learning from Recent Clinical Trial Failures and Planning for the Future

London, England

19 January 2017

At an expert meeting convened by Alzheimer’s Research UK, scientists from Eli Lilly shared Aβ biomarker data from the Expedition 3 trial with colleagues in academia and pharma. Reading the trial’s tea leaves together, the group felt that solanezumab entering the brain from the blood might have brought Aβ along for the ride, confounding CSF biomarker measurements. To boot, the trial appears to have enrolled participants with more brain amyloid than its predecessors. Given the weakness of the biomarker results, scientists, despite a day of deliberation, were left with merely a gut feeling that the hint of a cognitive benefit in the trial was probably real, if too small. A lively brainstorm session of where AD translational research should go next concluded the day. Read Gabrielle Strobel’s two-part story.