Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2019

Los Angeles, California

14 – 18 July 2019


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Research presented at this year’s AAIC reflected an influx of new money into the field and, with it, a growing diversity of topics. There was new interest in government policy, NIA funding priorities, and underrepresented minorities, along with an even greater emphasis on lifestyle factors and technologies to lessen the impact of a dementia epidemic forecast by demographic change. No large clinical trials presented major data, while a session picking over the ruins of recent BACE inhibitor trials showcased some transparency and shared willingness among pharma companies to learn from failure. Genetics posted news, as did biomarkers, especially blood tests, and much effort being poured into preparing observational cohorts for prevention trials was evident. Imaging continues to light up the field, debuting a new amyloid staging system and offering head-to-head comparisons of tau ligands. Specific tracers for neuroinflammation and other proteinopathies are still out of reach.