Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2018

Chicago, Illinois

22 – 26 July 2018


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This year, the AAIC conference showcased a field that is doggedly inching toward an effective anti-amyloid therapy while at the same time branching out from its usual ways of doing things. The antibody BAN2401 showed promising Phase 2 data, making it the latest in a handful of such therapeutics shown to robustly remove brain amyloid. (Hint: Crank the dose.) A fifth antibody, crenezumab, might remove CSF Aβ oligomers, a long-elusive species the field finally appears able to measure. Other scientists showed progress on capturing the decades-long disease process in deeper ways. They include measuring brain amyloid by way of a blood test, detecting neurodegeneration by way of blood neurofilament light protein levels, imaging synapses and—last but not least—new tests that catch subtle subtle cognitive deficits many years prior to the overt forgetting that used to be called symptom onset. (Hint: tau.) Non-amyloid-centered research is growing apace, supporting large initiatives to study the cardiovascular components of dementia, metabolic underpinnings of sex differences in AD, innovative drug-delivery approaches using ultrasound, and tech-based ways to support research and patient care.