It may not be the Oscars or Nobel prize, but recipients of the second annual Alzheimer Research Forum Awards were warmly applauded during the Society for Neuroscience meeting's Alzheimer Disease Social. The Innovation Award was given to Inez Vincent for her authoritative review of cell cycle genes in AD (see "The Cell Cycle and AD-Let's Unite for Division"). Outstanding Contributor Awards were given to Todd Golde, David Holtzman and Dominic Walsh. A special category, the Mensch Award, was created to honor two original members of the scientific advisor board, Paul Coleman and Peter Davies, who have remained prolific contributors to the Alzheimer Research Forum.

Following the presentation of the awards, the audience was treated to a series of comic sketches orchestrated by Ben Wolozin. Ben, Rachael Neve, Rudy Tanzi, Dennis Selkoe and Jeff Nye enacted a parody of an NIH study section reviewing grants such as a $1 billion request submitted by the Medellin cocaine cartel to study "APP Trafficking." Next came a skit featuring Alzheimer Research Forum Editor June Kinoshita impersonating Dora Games, interviewing Mucke Mouse (Mickey's scientist cousin), played by Gina Zainelli, an intrepid graduate student. Rudy Tanzi masterfully improvised the musical sound-effects. Jeff Nye followed with a talk explaining the pharma approach to AD research. Ben Wolozin wrapped up with a Saturday Night Live-style "Week in Review," which was accompanied by tasteful slides such as John Trojanowski and Virginia Lee garbed in spandex Spiderman and Cat Woman outfits; Saddam Hussein posing for a photograph with mustachioed lookalikes, Rudy Tanzi and Sam Sisodia; and Khalid Iqbal and Dennis Selkoe with the heads of their scientific competitors grafted to their shoulders.-June Kinoshita.


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