For all readers who are looking forward to watch Filling the Blank, Felipe Barral’s CNN documentary on Alzheimer’s disease starting Saturday, January 29, here is new information Alzforum learned today. The film is a production of the Special Projects Unit at CNN International and CNN en Espanol. Even though most people might think of CNN as one entity, in practice it’s not. In this case, this has meant that while CNN International and CNN en Espanol are broadcasting the documentary film at the show times we posted last week (see ARF related news story), it looks as if CNN/US will not air the film along with its sister channels in this first worldwide release. We will keep you posted if we hear otherwise.

Depending on where you live, this may not affect you. But for those who can only access CNN/U.S., here’s a consolation. The full documentary will be available for streaming at starting early next week. Meanwhile, the company has loaded a story and some video clips to its world’s untold stories website.—Gabrielle Strobel.


  1. I watched the documentary with great interest this weekend. On one hand, the stories told by and about the families of AD patients were extremely compelling and provided valuable insight into the experience of the disease and the prospect of research participation by at-risk family members, the latter being an under-studied facet of dementia research, in my view.

    It was also noteworthy that the documentary did address (albeit briefly) the issue of benefits to research participants (in Colombia) at the end of the trial, e.g., access, participation in other trials, etc. This is an often overlooked aspect of trials conducted in other countries.

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