Scientists often complain that scientific journals take too long to review manuscripts, and that subscription prices are unaffordable. A new journal devoted to Alzheimer's disease research, Alzheimer's Reports, aims to carve out a market niche for itself by offering to review submissions within 14 days and to price itself at a mere US$90 (£50) per year. The journal launched its maiden issue this January with an editorial board comprised of leading researchers from around the world. Journal editor Sarah-Jane Richards says Alzheimer's Reports will publish commissioned reviews, primary research data, technical notes, case studies and preliminary reports. The journal is now refereeing manuscripts for its March issue. For further information about data submission, subscription and members of the editorial board or to request a complimentary first copy visit the journal's website or fax the Alzheimer's Reports editorial office +44 1223 336846.—June Kinoshita


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