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Richard Wilson, PhD

Warwick University (alumnus)

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Richard Wilson, PhD
United Kingdom

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Warwick University (alumnus)


PhD Mathematical Biology & Biophysical Chemistry, Warwick University 2011. MSc Electrical Engineering & Electronics, Brunel University 1978. BSc Computers & Cybernetics, Kent University 1976.


Now semi-retired but actively pursuing my interest in neurodegeneration. My current hypothesis is that dementia results from viral infection which hijacks axonal transport progressively starving neurons to death, a kind of shingles in the brain.

Following Masters research into artificial neural networks, i pursued a commercial software career for 2 decades before returning to academia to study molecular biology at the Warwick MOAC interdisciplinary research group.

The focus of my doctoral work was the nature of motion of kinesin, an engine of axonal transport. My research was motivated by the hypothesis that Alzheimer's is caused by axonal transport failure.