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Mordhwaj Parihar, PhD

Ohio State University

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Mordhwaj Parihar, PhD
Columbus, United States

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Ohio State University




NAME: Dr. Mordhwaj Singh Parihar,
Ph. D (India), PDF (USA)

POSITION: Professor, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
& Biotechnology
School of Studies in Zoology & Biotechnology,
Vikram University, Ujjain-456010 MP
PHONE: +91-734-2511317 (work); +91-900-928-1077 (Cell)

EDUCATION: M. Sc.(Zoology), M. Phil.(Zoology), Ph. D (Biochem), PDF (USA).

• Mitochondria: Extensive research in mitochondrial bioenergetics, target studies on TCA cycle enzymes, mitochondrial electron transport chain complexes, mitochondrial functions and impairments and apoptosis. Protein translocation in mitochondria, use of confocal microscopy and electron microscopy in localization of expressed mitochondrial proteins.

• Genomics and bioinformatics: Characterization of mtNOS Gene, mAtNOS1 gene; Primer synthesis, Genome alignment and comparison.

• Gene cloning and expression profiling: Cloning gene; Protein purification, Protein mapping.

• Molecular Biology of Diseases: gene construction, Amyloid beta gene expression in Alzheimers disease animal model, translocation of proteins into mitochondria in Parkinson’s disease, overexpression of genes and protein aggregation and its relevance to neurodegenerative disease, Protein modifications and mitochondrial impairments in neurons of Parkinsons disease model.



2003-2006 Southern Illinois University, School of Medicine, Springfield, Illinois, USA (as PDF)
2006-2008 Davis Heart and Lung Institute, Ohio State Univ, Columbus, Ohio, USA (as PDF)
2012-2012 San Francisco, California, USA (presented paper)


1981-1994 Assistant professor, Vikram University, Ujjain, India
1994-2002 Associate Professor, Vikram Univ, Ujjain, India 2002-Present Professor, Vikram University, Ujjain, MP India.


M.Phil. Supervised 18 M.Phil. students
Ph. D. Supervised 6 Ph.D students in India and
Graduate intern Supervised 3 graduate students in USA.
Current Registered students: 4 Ph.D & 5 M.Phil
PUBLICATIONS: Over 55 research papers in high impact factor International Journals & Books

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER: Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communication