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Mariano Alvira, M.D. Neuropathologist

Independent Consultant

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Mariano Alvira, M.D. Neuropathologist
gvdnft [at] yahoo [dot] com
Boston, United States

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Dr. Mariano Alvira
Independent Consultant


MARIANO ALVIRA, M.D. 1018 Oakmont Ct., Napa, CA 94559 (206) 851-6312 EXPERIENCE: LIFESPAN BIOSCIENCES (Seattle, WA - 2001-2007 Medical Scientist,Pathologist & Neuropathologist Clients: BMS, Boehringer, Merck, Synaptics, Sepracor, Novartis, Pfizer, P&G G-proteins couple receptors (GPCR's),nuclear rceptors and kinases human database analysis Antibody evaluation & reporting of individual GPCR's,nuclear receptors and kinases ISH,Northern, Western, Transfection & Immunohistochemistry interpretations Research & reporting of contracts for pharmaceutical companies with custom made cRNA probes & antibodies Experienced with tissue microarrays (TMA) validation and interpretation Extensive experience in Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases and stroke MIDDLETOWN REGIONAL HOSPITAL (Ohio) Electron Microscopy, over 3,000 cases personally signed Anatomic Surgical Pathology, over 70,000 cases personally signed Immunohistochemistry, over 6,000 cases personally signed Cancer Program Approved by American College of Surgeons Director of Pathology & Laboratory Services ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS: Assistant Professor of Pathology & Neuropathology, Medical College, University of Cincinnati Consultant Neuropathology for the Mayfield Neurological Institute, Cincinnati Clinical Consultant to the Hipple Cancer Research Center, Dayton, OH Instructor of Pathology Medical School, Northwestern University LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION/SPECIALIZATION: E.C.F.M.G., F.L.E.X. Illinois, Ohio Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and Neuropathology Immunohistochemistry, Electron Microscopy, Digital Imaging & Molecular Pathology EDUCATION: UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI Clinical Fellow in Neuropathology, Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY Internship and Residency in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology COMPLUTENSE UNIVERSITY MADRID Medical School ADDITIONAL: References, Awards, Presentations & Publications available upon request Fluent in Spanish