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John Harrison, BSc (Hons) PhD PhD

Metis Cognition Ltd.

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John Harrison, BSc (Hons) PhD PhD
Kilmington Common, United Kingdom

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Metis Cognition Ltd.


BSc (Hons) in Psychology from University of Herts PhD in Neuroscience from University of London Diploma in Classical Studies from Open University PhD in Classics from Open University

Financial Disclosure

Member reports the following financial or other potential conflicts of interest:
[Last updated: Jul 29, 2018]

Dr. Harrison reports personal fees in the past two years from 23andMe, AbbVie, AlzeCure, Amgen, Anavex, Aptinyx, Astra Zeneca, Avonex, Avraham, Axon Neuroscience, Axovant, Biogen Idec, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bracket, Catenion, Cognition Therapeutics, Compass Pathways, CRF Health, DeNDRoN, Eisai, EIP Pharma, Eli Lilly, Enzymotec, Forum Pharma, G4X Discovery, GfHEU, Heptares, Janssen AI, Johnson & Johnson, Kaasa Health, Lundbeck, Lysosome Therapeutics, Merck, Mind Agilis, MyCognition, Neurim, Neurocog, Neurotrack, Novartis, Nutricia, Pfizer, Prana Biotech, Probiodrug, Prophase, Regeneron, Reviva, Roche, Rodin Therapeutics, Sanofi, Servier, Takeda, Velacor, vTv Therapeutics. Dr Harrison also part owns a patent with MyCognition and options in Cognitive Therapeutics and Neurotrack.