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Greg Hook, JD, Ph.D.

ALSP, Inc.

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Greg Hook, JD, Ph.D.
ghook [at] alspinc [dot] com
San Diego, United States

Professional Information

Scientist/General Counsel
ALSP, Inc.


Completed Organization
1969 - High School Diploma,
Lowell High, San Francisco, CA
1973 - BA, Medical Physics
U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
1981 - Ph.D., Biophysics
U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
1982 - Post-doctoral fellow
Johns Hopkins U, Baltimore, MD
1987 - Senior Staff Fellow
NIH, Bethesda, MD
1993 - JD, Intellectual Property Focus
George Mason U, Arlington, VA

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Our company,
ALSP, Inc., is developing cathepsin B inhibitors to treat Alzheimer's