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Allen Roses, MD

Duke University

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Allen Roses, MD
allen [dot] roses [at] duke [dot] edu
Durham, United States

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Jefferson-Pilot Professor of Neurobiology and Genetics
Duke University

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[Last updated: Dec 7, 2009]

Dr. Roses is the president of three companies filed as S-Corporations in the state of North Carolina: Cabernet Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a pipeline pharmacogenetic consultation and project management company that has other pharmaceutical companies as clients; Shiraz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is focused on the commercialization of diagnostics, including companion diagnostics, for universities, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology companies; Zinfandel Pharmaceuticals is the sponsor of OPAL [Opportunity to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease] which is a combined clinical validation of a diagnostic and a pharmacogenetic-assisted delay of onset clinical trial. These companies are independent of Duke University, but any income from the intellectual property generated by Dr. Roses or his team is intended to be treated as Deane Duke Discovery Institute property once there is an established commercial value.