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Postdoctoral Positions

Employer: Columbia University

Location: New York, New York

Principal Investigator: Ulrich Hengst,

Date Posted: 18 Sep 2018

Aging and Dementia Fellowship

Employer: Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Principal Investigator: Brian R. Ott

Date Posted: 18 Sep 2018

Research Associate Senior

Employer: University of Kentucky Sanders-Brown Center on Aging

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Principal Investigator: Van Eldik

Date Posted: 12 Sep 2018

Postdoctoral Fellow

Employer: University of Pittsburgh

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Principal Investigator: Radosveta Koldamova and Iliya Lefterov

Date Posted: 10 Sep 2018

Ph.D. Position

Employer: Christian Albrechts University

Location: Kiel, Germany

Principal Investigator: Paul Saftig

Date Posted: 28 Aug 2018

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