Flanders, Belgium

Principal Investigator

Bart De Strooper



The Laboratory for the Research of Neurodegenerative Diseases headed by Prof. Bart De Strooper is seeking an enthusiastic lab technician to perform large-scale single-cell and spatial transcriptomics experiments. The assays include spatial transcriptomics, single-cell transcriptomics, single-cell multiomics, and spatial omics assays. The candidate will be trained in these advanced technologies, to handle the entire pipeline from biological sample to sequencing and image analysis. The job requires frequent interactions with neuropathologists, image analysis specialists, bioinformaticians, and neuroscientists. This project is funded by an industrial project in collaboration with a start-up and will also offer opportunities for the longer term.


  • Master's degree in life science programs, including biochemistry, biology, biomedical sciences, engineering, or related fields. Alternatively, the candidate may hold a professional bachelor's degree, but with several years of experience in molecular biology.
  • Strong expertise of histology, molecular biology and genetics.
  • Ability to collaboratively establish and run high-quality spatial omics or single-cell experiments.
  • Interested in tech transfer, intellectual property, biotech industry.
  • Effective project management and communication skills.
  • Good mastery of English language appreciated.
  • Experience with next-generation sequencing.
  • Experience with (droplet) microfluidics.
  • Experience with tissue culture, immunohistochemistry, cryostat.
  • Experience with image analysis.