Research Technician


Rosalind Franklin University / The Chicago Medical School


Chicago, Illinois

Principal Investigator

Grace Stutzmann


Please provide CV and cover letter directly to


Position Purpose: Research technician position to support ongoing studies in Alzheimer’s disease, TBI, and neurodegenerative disease using stem cell biology, iPSCS, cell culture models, and rodent cell-based assays. Drug discovery and screening assays of novel therapeutics are also major areas of focus.

Essential functions and duties:

  • Cell culture development and maintenance, including iPSCs and human induced neurons.
  • Proficiency with viral vectors, subcloning, and transfection techniques.
  • PCR, and gel electrophoresis.
  • Familiarity with rodent models and minor surgical techniques.
  • Collect, compile, and analyze data.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Mouse husbandry (breeding, weaning, maintenance of colonies, genotyping).
  • Ordering laboratory supplies and equipment.
  • Other duties of laboratory manager.
  • Detailed record-keeping and organizational skills are essential.
  • Mentoring/training of personnel as needed.

The PI's lab is within the newly constructed Innovation and Research Park, in the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease and Therapeutics at Rosalind Franklin University/The Chicago Medical School.

RFUMS is an equal opportunity employer.


  • Bachelor's degree (B.S.) and minimum of two years of wet lab experience.
  • Demonstrated mastery of stem cell biology, iPSCs, cell culture techniques, and molecular biology approaches.
  • Effective and clear English reading, writing, and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated project management skills, including ability to manage competing priorities and excellent time-management skills.