Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Novel Microglia Biology



Principal Investigator

Sanjay Kumar



A highly motivated postdoctoral fellow is sought to carry out research project to better understand function of novel genes in microglia and their roles in the progression of neurodegeneration. The successful candidate will leverage existing GSK knowledge and expertise for iPSC and gene editing platforms to generate engineered iPSC-microglia cells and overexpress or knock down novel candidate and disease variants genes to characterize their functions. Focus will be on the transcriptomics signatures and functionalities of these gene-edited cells. Perform pathway analysis to identify most relevant genes that show significant impact on disease-associated microglia and neurodegeneration. Develop in vitro complex and more physiologically relevant microglia-neuronal co-culture systems to validate their role in neurodegenerative disease.


Basic Qualifications:

•Ph.D. degree and/or an M.D./Ph.D. in neuroscience with significant knowledge of neurodegeneration/ neuroinflammation;

•Ability to understand, interpret, and communicate complex scientific data; 

•Comfortable conversing with opinion leaders regarding highly technical information;

•Ability to handle multiple projects concurrently.

Preferred Qualifications:

•Strong background in microglia biology and neuron/microglia assays;

•Working experience with iPSC derived cells; 

•Hands-on experience with different gene editing techniques; 

•Hands-on experience in cell-based and standard molecular biology assays.