Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Clinical Neuroproteomics


University of Gothenburg


Gothenburg, Sweden

Principal Investigator

Henrik Zetterberg

Principal Investigator

Johan Gobom



This project aims to detect disease-specific changes in proteins and endogenous peptides, using mass spectrometry proteomics analysis in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma in clinical materials from patients with neurodegenerative diseases and healthy individuals. These changes can give new insight into disease mechanisms and thereby promoting treatment strategies, and lead to the development of new biomarkers that can be used for diagnostics and to follow the effect of therapies in drug studies.


To qualify as a postdoctoral researcher the applicant should hold a Ph.D. in a relevant subject. Since postdoctoral constitutes a qualifying appointment for junior researchers, we aim to target those who have a doctoral degree not older than three years from the application deadline.