Postdoctoral Research Associate


Washington University School of Medicine


St. Louis, Missouri

Principal Investigator

Sheng Chih Jin



The Jin lab is looking for an energetic and motivated individual to work as a postdoctoral associate within a highly dynamic research team of scientists, computational biologists, experimentalists, and clinicians.

The Jin lab works at the intersection of genomics, human genetics, pediatrics, and neuroscience. It is currently focusing on the formulation, development, and application of genetic, genomics, and bioinformatics methods to better analyze and integrate genome and exome sequencing, SNP array, RNA-sequencing, epigenomic, metabolomics, and proteomics data. Through the integration of diverse types of transcriptomic and epigenetic functional annotations, the integrative genomic analysis will provide a better understanding of the molecular basis of cardiovascular diseases, neurodevelopmental disorders, and neurodegenerative disorders, with a specific focus on the interplay between rare protein-coding and common-noncoding variants. The lab collaborates with clinicians, multiple genetic consortia, the Undiagnosed Disease Network, and the Yale Center for Mendelian Genomics to assemble thoroughly phenotyped cohorts for gene discovery and set up a robust recruitment platform that includes domestic and international collaboration and social media. Following integrative genomic analyses, the lab uses zebrafish to precisely model human mutations. It also collaborates with experimentalists to design scalable high-throughput assays to model the effects of disease-associated mutations using a model organism and/or cell-based experiments to identify genes/pathways that affect disease susceptibilities.

Dr. Jin’s research experience is available here: Information on being a postdoc at Washington University in St. Louis can be found at


1. The ideal applicant will hold a Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D., and have prior research experience in molecular biology, computational biology, genomics, biomedical engineering, or related field.

2. The lab trains postdocs with a biology background who would like to develop bioinformatics skills.

3. The lab is equally interested in postdocs with a computer science background who would like to apply these skills to studying human genetics and improving personalized medicine.

4. The candidate will be expected to plan and carry out research tasks independently and write-up/present findings on a regular basis.