Postdoctoral Positions in Multimodal Neuroimaging


McGill University


Montreal, Canada

Principal Investigator

Sylvia Villeneuve


To apply please submit a cover letter and a CV to


The Villeneuve lab innovates research in three main axes: 1) early amyloid and tau deposition and propagation, 2) interplay between AD pathology and vascular pathology and, 3) gene environment interactions that influence AD pathology and clinical expression. Studies are primarily conducted on the PREVENT-AD dataset, but also involved the ADNI, WRAP, ACS, HCP, and DIAN data sets. The PREVENT-AD cohort is a large dataset of ~350 cognitively normal older adults (mean age at enrolment 64.5, ±5.5 years) with a family history of AD dementia.

Longitudinal assessments include brain structural (T1 image, DWI and FLAIR MRI) and functional (ASL, resting state, and task fMRI) measures, cognitive testing, and general health assessments. Genetic, medical and lifestyle assessments are available for most participants. Fluid (CSF and plasma) amyloid and tau biomarkers are available for 2/3 of the cohort and PET amyloid and tau scans are available for 1/3 of the cohort.

Two postdoctoral positions are available for highly motivated researchers in the fields of neuroimaging, bioinformatics, computer sciences, or related fields with a strong interest in better understanding the aging brain. Both positions will involve amyloid and tau PET imaging, MRI imaging, and other biomarkers such as fluid biomarker (CSF and plasma), cognition and genetics).

The candidate should have coding skills using python, Matlab or other languages. Ideal candidate would have an expertise in multimodal neuroimaging, statistics and/or machine learning.


The position duration is one year, renewable contingent upon performance. The starting date is flexible, but applicants should be within one year (before or after) of her/his Ph.D. diploma. The applicants will be encouraged to apply for research funding. The position will offer several avenues to build international collaborations with leaders in the field of PET imaging and AD.