Postdoctoral Position - Drosophila Models


New York University Grossman School of Medicine


New York, New York

Principal Investigator

Einar Sigurdsson

Principal Investigator

Hyung Don Ryoo



A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratories of Einar M. Sigurdsson and Hyung Don Ryoo at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. A candidate with a recent Ph.D. degree and a strong background in Drosophila genetics is sought to participate in studies on pathogenesis of tauopathies, and to examine tau-targeting therapies in Drosophila models. Opportunities exist for conducting similar experiments focusing on α-synuclein, and to advance these studies to related human cellular and mouse models. Experience in neurodegeneration research with a focus on the tau protein or other protein aggregates and/or biology of antibodies would be beneficial. Creativity, fluent English, and excellent writing skills are desirable. To apply and for further information, please contact Hyung Don Ryoo at and Einar M. Sigurdsson at


Ph.D. degree. Strong background in Drosophila genetics.