Postdoctoral Fellow: Sex Differences


Mayo Clinic


Rochester, Minnesota

Principal Investigator

Michelle Mielke

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The Mielke Laboratory is currently seeking a postdoctoral fellow to conduct funded research on sex differences in aging and dementia for a number of projects. Specific projects include: 1) Assessing sex-specific risk factors and sex differences in risk factors for cognitive decline, and Alzheimer’s disease and vascular pathology; 2) Examining the long-term effects of premenopausal bilateral oophorectomy on accelerated aging; and 3) Examining molecular pathways (e.g., lipids, -omics, methylation, genetics) that contribute to the observed sex differences in cognitive decline and accelerated aging. The successful candidate will be part of an established research team and must have excellent scientific and interpersonal skills. Responsibilities will include development of hypotheses, study design, performance of studies and data analysis. In addition, the candidate should have the demonstrated ability to write and present.


  • Must have a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent doctoral degree in a field deemed relevant by the program.
  • Candidates with experience in epidemiology, biostatistics/bioinformatics, women’s health, and/or molecular epidemiology are encouraged to apply.
  • Experience in running statistical analyses using STATA, SAS, R, or related software is required.