Postdoctoral Fellow in Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease in African Americans


Rutgers University-Newark, Center for Neuroscience


Newark, New Jersey

Principal Investigator

Mark Gluck


Applicants to this program should begin by contacting with a complete C.V. and a cover letter summarizing their backgrounds, future career goals, prior experience, and why they think they are a good fit to theresearch lab and the African-American Brain Health Initiative’s research program. 


Research is supported by multiple grants from the National Institute on Aging (NIH), the Office of Minority Health at HHS, and the New Jersey Department of Health’s Office of Minority and Multicultural Health, and conducted through the broader auspices of the African-American Brain Health Initiative. see

Current projects include: (1) community-based participatory research in Newark on African-American brain health, aging, and risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease through the African-American Brain Health Initiative: A University-Community Partnership, using fMRI, genetics, cognitive, behavioral, fitness, and health assessments; (2) the effects of aerobic exercise and physical activity on brain function and cognition in older adults, especially  African-Americans with high rates of obesity and sedentary behaviors; (3) studies of the effects of sleep and sleep deprivation in older African-Americans and how this impacts learning and memory, and  relates to progression and symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease.

For additional details, lecture videos, an overview of current lab members, and downloadable publications and research summaries, see