Postdoctor in Neurochemistry


University of Gothenburg


Gothenburg, Sweden

Principal Investigator

Erik Portelius


Use following link to apply for the job:


Today there are three CSF biomarkers used for the diagnosis Alzheimer's disease, but these can only be used quite late in the disease and they have a relatively large overlap between sick and healthy. Thus, we need new markers that reflect different disease mechanisms to set an early and accurate diagnosis.

The job assignments include being involved in different research projects and, together with other researchers, establish and validate new methods, apply these methods on clinical studies, and finally summarize and interpret data for scientific publications. Primary analysis is by mass spectrometry, but antibody-based methods and chromatographic techniques such as different HPLC systems (for e.g. sample preparation) will be used.


Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in a relevant subject, in the first case analytical chemistry, molecular biology, protein chemistry, or neuroscience.

Candidates will be assessed based on documented methodological and scientific experience and knowledge about method development using mass spectrometry, as demonstrated by publications in international journals with referee system.

Knowledge and experience in protein chemistry and neurochemical methods together with previous experience working with complex matrices such as brain extracts, cerebrospinal fluid, and blood are advantages. Ability to independently process data and write scientific publications is essential, as is the ability to be flexible and able to work independently. During assessment, account will be taken with respect to personal ability and qualifications.