Brain-Immune Communication Lab / Institut Pasteur


Paris, France

Principal Investigator

Aleksandra Deczkowska


Send your full CV, including a list of publications, a cover letter listing your qualifications and motivation and the names and contact details of academic referees (including the most recent PI) to


This postdoctoral research position is available for candidates excited about cellular and molecular mechanisms modulating brain function from the periphery in physiology and aging.

This is a fun opportunity to start your postdoctoral training at an exciting interface of immunology, neuroscience and genomics. Work will include single cell RNA-seq technologies, CRISPR screening-based approaches, and state of the art tools of immunology and neuroscience. Our lab will define how immune cells signal to the brain and how the environment shapes the brain internal immune-system – the microglia. We will work in mouse models, in vitro, human material and with lots of big genomic data.  Skills and experience in one of these fields: neuroscience / molecular biology/ immunology / genomics/ computational biology is a big plus !


You must be OK working with mice.

Selected candidates will be required to apply for their own funding. (Of course we will support in writing the applications at 200 percent).

If you think you fit 20 percent — this may be enough! Apply!