Ph.D. Student


Otto-von-Guericke University


Magdeburg, Germany

Principal Investigator

Ildiko Rita Dunay


Please send a motivation letter, CV, and two professional references to


The Ph.D. student will be working on innate immune cells in a cerebral infection model, in the group of Professor Ildiko Rita Dunay. He or she will investigate the interaction of monocytes and innate lymphoid cells. The research interest of the group mainly focuses on the investigation of innate immune cells in parasitic infections and in neuroinflammation.

The 65 is position is guaranteed for 24 months, with the possibility of an extension.

For more information, see the group's website:


The lab is looking for an enthusiastic, ambitious scientist with a recent master's degree in biology, biomedical sciences, biotechnology or a similar discipline. Candidates should have previous experience with molecular and cell biology and a special interest in immunology, fluency in English, and excellent communication skills.