Ph.D. Position


Christian Albrechts University


Kiel, Germany

Principal Investigator

Paul Saftig


The position is open in the Department of Molecular Cell Biology and Transgenic Biology from October 2018 for a period of three years, to do research in the field of protease research as part of the collaborative research center 877.

The position is available to study the role of the metalloproteinase ADAM10, its cell biology and its regulation. Previous studies have contributed to the view that ADAM10 has emerged as one of the most fascinating proteases, with crucial functions in development, tissue physiology, and disease (e.g., AD, prion disorder). 


Enthusiasm and high motivation, and a university master degree or diploma. The projects involve the analysis of genetic mouse models, cell-based assays, microscopy, molecular biology and histology techniques. Previous experience in these methodologies and a background in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, or immunology is beneficial.