Group Leader – Clinical and Risk Factors for Neurodegenerative Diseases


Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center Foundation (BBRC)


Barcelona, Spain

Principal Investigator

Please send curriculum vitae, cover letter describing research interests and relevant background, and contact information for three reference to:

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Prioritized Research Line(s):

Research in the Alzheimer's field will progress to fill in the following knowledge gaps to enable the establishment and development of AD prevention studies and trials. Specifically, the following points appear as highly relevant:

  • Research on the relationship and dynamics between risk factors for AD and the development of AD pathophysiology;
  • Research on key factors contributing to cognitive decline in early AD;
  • Integration of demographic, epidemiologic, genetic, and biomarker data (e.g., fluid or neuroimaging) to predict the risk of developing AD.
  • Improving the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of AD.;
  • Identification of subjects at risk of specific profiles that will most benefit from participation in AD prevention clinical trials.
  • Design and participation in pharmacological and non-pharmacological clinical trials.
  • Applying new digital platforms for the longitudinal clinical and cognitive assessment of study participants and patients.

The Clinical and Risk Factors For Neurodegenerative Diseases Group will exploit the data produced by the ALFA cohort to ask clinically relevant questions. Its focus will be on the prevention of AD and related dementias and/or on healthy aging research from a multidisciplinary perspective. The group examines the biological processes that precede dementia’s onset with the final aim of establishing prevention programs to stop or, at least delay, the occurrence of cognitive decline and, ultimately, dementia in asymptomatic persons at risk. The group leader is expected to direct a multidisciplinary team with experts in clinical, genetic, biomarker, healthy aging, and neuropsychological assessment.

The group will be committed to conducting high-quality and cutting-edge research through direct interaction with the rest of the BBRC groups and researchers, in order to maximise the quality of the BBRC’s research output. The group will also provide excellent teaching and training to PhD and MSc Students, Postdocs, clinical fellows and all other researchers that share our passion for this field.

About the position

The Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center (BBRC) invites applications from outstanding investigators. it is recruiting at all seniority levels and are open to consider full- or part-time recruitment.

The successful candidate is expected to conduct an independent research project with the final aim of establishing prevention programs to stop or, at least delaying the occurrence of cognitive decline and, ultimately, dementia in asymptomatic persons at risk.


A competitive salary with a five-year contract that, depending on experience, will be tenured or tenure-track. A fully equipped laboratory space for up to seven to nine people is included, and a flexible financial package to start a team and lab expenses.



  • M.D. and Ph.D. (preference will be given to certified neurologists).
  • Solid publication record.
  • Solid record of grants awarded as a PI.
  • Proven involvement in international research consortia.
  • Proven experience in the leadership of international research project (e.g., acts as WP lead).
  • Experience in clinical trials is preferred.

Selection process

Candidates preselected by an internal scientific committee will be invited for an interview at the BBRC. The interview will include the following:

  • Open seminar about their past work and future research plans.
  • Chalk Talk including an in depth interview with the different members of the panel.
  • Opportunity to visit the center and meet with different BBRC group leaders.

The panel will consist of the internal selection committee, members of the scientific advisory board and ad hoc external experts. According to Barcelonaβeta's Recruitment Policy and Declaration of Commitment to the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, the selection committees should bring together diverse expertise and competences and should have an adequate gender balance, aiming for at least one third of the panel members per gender.

An official offer letter will be issued in writing to the selected candidates.

Submission of letters of reference

The pre-selected candidate will be informed in writing, and letters of reference will be requested.

The referees will receive an e-mail with the request to submit their letter of recommendation to the candidate’s application.

Please be advised that it is the responsibility of the candidate to make sure that the referees will submit the reference letters before the agreed deadline.