The Bioinformatics Lab Manager


BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center Foundation (BBRC)


Barcelona, Spain


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The BBRC has recently opened a genomics lab, led by Arcadi Navarro, in collaboration with the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG), and the Institute for Evolutionary Biology (IBE, UPF-CSIC). The group focuses on the genomic architecture of age-related disease—including neurodegenerative disease—and on the analysis of full genomes, epigenomes and transcriptomes to ascertain the processes, variants, and molecular features that underlie human aging patterns as well as human disease and human-specific traits. The group works in several dry-lab projects that involve the coordination of different technicians, students and postdocs.

About the job

The bioinformatics lab manager will work in the premises of the BBRC and the UPF to carry out dry-lab bioinformatics research, including the generation and maintenance of databases, programming, statistical analysis, and interpretation of results. He/she is expected to bring IT knowledge and industry development practices to complement the biological orientation of the current team. He/she is also expected to suggest new IT approaches for research and information sharing that can open up new lines of activity for the group. An important aspect of her/his work is that she/he will assist other lab members (Ph.D.s, postdocs) in their projects.

Main Responsabilities

  • Develops software tools for statistical analysis of biological data, visual representation of data, and web-based tools.
  • Designs software development standards for the group and helps group members to implement them. This includes clean software development practices, software management repositories use, reusability of code and testing routines, among others.
  • Participates in upkeep of the group's archives and files, performs maintenance on job-tracking systems.
  • Manages lab databases, materials, and software developments to ensure proper access and quality of the data and to avoid redundancies and ambiguities.
  • Helps in the coordination between the group and providers of IT services.
  • Organizes and accurately maintains written records of procedures and data collections.
  • Keeps the group up to date on IT novelties and resources that could be of use for the scientific goals of the group.
  • Assists with instructing and training students, fellows, and technicians.
  • Participates in group meetings with internal as well as external collaborations.


Must have

  • A computer science / IT engineering degree or another degree but demonstrable experience in the field.
  • A background in computational methods for the analysis of human genomics and/or comparative genomics data.
  • Proficiency in Shell scripting and Python programming language.
  • The ability to write clean code.
  • Highly developed organization skills.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills in English.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and with a high degree of autonomy.
  • A Ph.D. degree in bioinformatics, statistics, genetics, or a related discipline.

Desirable but not required/Nice to have

  • A Ph.D. in a relevant subject.
  • Work experience in a professional environment.
  • Experience with statistical and data science tools (R, Pandas, SciPy ...).
  • Knowledge of GPU programming.
  • Knowledge of software development standards (PEP8).
  • Advanced knowledge of GIT version management system.
  • Cluster management (slurm).
  • Web based programming (Dijango ...)