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Protein-Protein Interaction

Hyatt Regency, 1 Avenue De Lafayette, Boston, Massachusetts
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The relatively new field of protein-protein interaction (PPI) is experiencing fantastic growth in the field of drug discovery. The key concepts of PPI are to understand how proteins interact, to understand why inhibiting them is beneficial, and how to identify molecules that block the interactions as treatment strategies.


This meeting will have sessions that cover novel techniques, new algorithms and databases for PPIs, and potential druggable sites for disrupting protein-protein interactions. Attendees will gain an enhanced understanding of the molecular basis of peptide and protein aggregation and insights into the design of inhibitors of peptide and protein aggregation. Some focused topics we will discuss is how inhibiting PPIs can be a promising therapeutic target, PPI interactions within the TNF family, the first small-molecule inhibitors for the CD40–CD40L, and more including the fundamental aspects of protein-protein interactions.


2014 Sessions for the Conference:

  • Expression of Difficult Proteins (Membrane Proteins, Glycoproteins, Transient and Stable Expression)
  • Extended Characterization of Production Cell Lines
  • Novel Purification Methods
  • Producing Reagents for Biologics Programs
  • Protein Analytical Tools & Computational Methods