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Gordon Research Conference: Neurobiology of Brain Disorders

Melia Golf Vichy Catalan Business & Convention Center, Girona, Spain
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Aging is the overwhelming risk factor for developing any of a number of phenotypically distinct neurodegenerative diseases, and the increasing human life span represents a major scientific challenge for the biomedical research community and a growing public-health problem. Current evidence suggests that neurodegenerative diseases represent selective pathophysiological processes that share some molecular and physiological properties and mechanisms, but differ in others. The goal of this conference is to assemble a group of leading scientists in the fields of neurodegenerative disease and aging research who will discuss the molecular basis and pathophysiological consequences of neurodegenerative disorders, and relate the disease processes to ongoing research efforts in basic neuroscience. In this fashion, the conference is meant to provide a platform for an interdisciplinary discussion that unites scientists who work on basic molecular and physiological mechanisms of brain function with researchers who study specific disease processes and/or are interested in translational approaches.