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UCSF Neurodegenerative Disease Brain Bank

Memory and Aging Center

Department of Neurology
Box 1207
San Francisco, CA 94143-1207
United States
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Contact: William W. Seeley, M.D. Associate Professor of Neurology
Phone: (415) 476-6880

The center accepts tissue donations from participants in longitudinal and/or clinical medial studies run by its doctors, as well as some other donors. Phenotypes collected include Alzheimer’s disease, family history of Alzheimer’s, cognitively normal, dementia with Lewy bodies, frontotemporal dementias including tauopathy, Parkinson’s, ALS, vascular dementia, and mixed dementia. Whole-brain, hemisphere, and a subset of spinal-cord tissues are fixed, frozen, or blocked and available to researchers after a review process.